About Sue De Legge & Associates. Your trusted San Diego real estate team. Realtor in North County San Diego Real Estate Specialists

About Sue De Legge & Associates. Your trusted San Diego real estate team.

Family matters to Sue De Legge. Whether she is working with her daughter, Gina, in real estate, visiting her nearby relatives, or adding another client to her keep-in-touch list, Sue keeps the family perspective in mind. Bringing Midwestern values of honesty and hard work to the North County San Diego real estate market means that people can always count on Sue and Gina to provide the best possible personal service and customer experience. “We want them as part of our real estate family,” she affirms.

The philosophy goes further: Sue and Gina comprise a real estate team with a vision of taking care of generations of real estate needs. Their clients give them plenty of business by referring to family and friends, and by staying with them for subsequent transactions themselves. Sue is confident that daughter Gina shares her commitment to personal service and to always treating the customer right, and that she will be there for clients’ families. Sue knows also that their team will beat the odds of more than half of real estate partnerships breaking apart. “We are in this business for the long run,” she states.

Sue makes sure that the team always sees the big picture. She says, “As a small real estate office, we have big numbers: $78,000,000 in sales since January 2011.” Sue and Gina contribute significant sales, as do about thirty other associates, but De Legge downplays the stats. “No matter how successful an agent is, it should never be about the agent. It should always be about the client,” she says. Their listings range from $300,000 to over $15,000,000, though Sue’s average 2010 transaction of $1.2 million puts her in the luxury category. She defers, saying, “the definition of the luxury market is changing,” and she prefers to provide the best match for each client’s needs regardless of the price.

Sue De Legge got her start in real estate when her commitment to, yes, family, would allow her the time to make it work. When their children had completed high school, her husband, a real estate investment broker, suggested that real estate would be a good fit. Sue learned early on that it was a relationship-based business and took the time to talk with open house visitors. She could discern who were buyers, who might be sellers, and how to approach them. Sue comments, “It’s an art to engage people successfully and not turn them away.” Sue’s style is defined by her hands-on, personal approach to the buying and selling processes. She and Gina take only the number of clients that they can handle themselves; no handing off or delegating. “If you treat someone poorly or don’t return phone calls, that gets around fast,” she explains. They prefer to be advisors rather than salespeople, alerting them when something isn’t quite right, and achieving the best match for their needs. Sue is especially mindful that this is the biggest purchase of most clients’ lives, and she treats it as if it were her own.

Sue loves the San Diego area and rarely strays far, even for vacations. “There is so much to do here, and it’s so beautiful,” she says. Sue and her family settled here from the Midwest largely because of the weather and beauty of the area. It’s home now, and it’s clear to their clients that they would not want to be anywhere else. They know that Sue and Gina have their best interests in mind, and care enough to find the very best for them. They feel like, well, family.